David Morcillo

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David Morcillo


Occupation: Car builder

Sponsorships: Vital Baits, Tigernut Traders
Personal best: 38,8kg common
Favorite rig: Blowback rig, muti-rig
Favorite fishing spot: Rainbow lake

How did you develop an interest for carp fishing?
My interest in fishing has always been related to carp. Already very young at 6 years old my cousin and I fished in a small river very close to the house of my parents, in that river there were only carp and I believe that my love for that fish was forged at that time. Many years of fishing in that river always looking for the biggest fish ever. Until on a holiday with my parents in France I was astonished by carpfishing, I knew immediately that this is the fishing I wanted to do. And to this day I like and enjoy it more and more.

Elaborate on your type of angling, your angling style.
The definition of how I fish is summarized in ADAPTABLE. Many years of sessions in different countries and different scenarios and fish at all times of the year, allows you to adapt well to each moment and situation.

What is the most memorable angling moment thus far?
Without a doubt the most intense time practicing the fishing, is in a public lake in Lion, which you can not fish at night, not even spend the night in the lake. Of course accompanied by my friend Raúl López and Jordi Costa, we got in a day of fishing 87 carps, with a very good weight average, a fishing totally in team since one primed another always with a fish nailed and the other helping to rejoice and photograph. Almost all the fish that we took that day were in surface to fish seen with a float and a normal boilie fishing to half a meter of the surface.

What I like about NTEC without a doubt is that the team of people that around this brand are young people, with good reputation and with desire to develop good products made by anglers for anglers.

Do you engage in other activities regarding carp angling?
Personally I have always been a person that I like to think about possible products, and useful for carp anglers, as a angler we always miss some products that is not yet manufactured. Many of these ideas have led to production by some brands. My last job has been the development of a special boat for carpers, which I have tracked for a year and a half and is currently on the market.

Which quote suits you best?
“With what phrase you identify, indisputably. Friend of my friends.”

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