Denis Žižek

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Occupation: Seller

Sponsorships: NTEC, Nutrabaits, Jochym Marine
Personal best: Slovenia: 23,1kg
Croatia: 21,0kg
Spain: 20,2kg
Czech Republic: 16,6kg
Favorite rig: I don’t have a favorite rig, I just adjust to the environment where I’m fishing
Favorite fishing spot: Old gravel pits, lakes, wild water

How did you develop an interest for carp fishing?

As a child, I started fishing with a float in the ponds we had at home. When I was growing up, me and my older brother agreed to do some day-long session of a more modern fishing, which impressed me. I watched the web for hours and hours and we bought our first modern equipment. Over the years, I did bigger and bigger catches, which inspired me even more.

Elaborate on your type of angling, your angling style.
I love fishing where the regime allows you to use a boat and everything that comes with it. In short, I like wilderness and unexplored waters, I avoid waters where a boat is forbidden, but there is always a solution.

What is the most memorable angling moment this far?
I will never forget the moment when we went for the first time on the river Ebro in Spain. We went on the road and we drived for 23 hours non stop and after 14 days I returned with my first 20+ kg common wild carp. Unforgettable.

At WCC 2016, I met Sebastiaan Schuurman, and for the first time I was getting acquainted with NTEC. Later on, I tried the products and was very excited about these products, so I started using them since then.

Do you engage in other activities regarding carp angling?
Not for now, but maybe I will try in the future.

Which quote suits you best?
“Catch for pleasure, take a picture for a memory and release for the future.”

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