Hans Ramerman

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Hans Ramerman

Occupation: Owner of CiproBaits & Dutch Carpaholics
Co Owner Ntec Carp Tackle & Distibutor Sportex Inflatable Boats
Sponsorships: Ntec Carp Tackle, CiproBaits, Sportex Boats, The Dude Carp Rigs
Favorite rigs: Combi rig, Screamer rig & Tonnie rig (The Dude)
Personal best: Mirror 27.6 kg Common 26.8 kg
Favorite fishing spot: Obstacle waters and Rivers

For me and the way i Fish, the Perfect Brand! It should be your’s to!

Which quote suits you best?
‘Don’t look too much to the others. Have confidence in your material and your bait. Do your own thing, but stay always open for tips.
Have Patience and Enjoy!
Then you never have a dull moment in your Fishing.

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