Yann Marlot

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Occupation: carp fishing

Sponsorships: Nutrabaits, NTEC
Personal best: 22 kg mirror
Favorite rig: snowman rig
Favorite fishing place: canal

How did you develop an interest for carp fishing?
I’ve been fishing with my grandfather since I was little, at age 11, my father took me to see a friend at the water’s edge. it was a carp angler, since this day of July I have not stopped being passionate for this fish and this fishing.

Elaborate on your type of angling, your angling style.
I practice fishing all year long and I like fast fishing and I expect a few dates in the year to make longer sessions, I only fish in the public domain. I like canal carping , wild venue and lake.

What is the most memorable angling moment thus far?
I have too much to tell but being on the bank is already a great time.

NTEC is a young company with a bright future in front of him, the team is motivated and the products are quality.

Do you engage in other activities regarding carp angling?
yes of course

Which quote suits you best?
“born to be carp angler” (lol)

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