Chris Thompson

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Chris Thompson


Occupation: Construction

Sponsorships: NTEC, Spottedfin, Sonik
Personal best: 69lb 8oz
Favorite rig: Basic blowback
Favorite fishing spot: Wild mountain lakes and rivers

How did you develop an interest for carp fishing?
I started as a child. Had my first carp 26 years ago and never looked back.

Elaborate on your type of angling, your angling style.
Although I do fish pay lakes from time to time, my passion is big wild water.

What is the most memorable angling moment thus far?

Again very difficult, there are so many. I have always done my own thing with fishing and have caught many target fish and unknown fish. Could not pick one tbh.

I came to NTEC because of some friends that are using the products, so I got to see and try it.. I do lots of wild fishing and it really suits my kind of angling . It’s well priced and I like the guys that are running it!

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