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Personal best: Common: 26.4kg / Mirror: 25.9kg
Favorite rig: standard rig, snowman rig and homemade bungee rig
Favorite fishing spot: Canals, the river Maas, and difficult lakes

How did you develop an interest for carp fishing?

Ever since I was a little boy, I joined my father to the waterside. I was immediately hooked on angling the day I caught my first fish. The day I caught my first carpeverything has changed. I caught carp fever along with the carp itself! My passion for carp angling started at local lakes and has expanded to canals and the river Maas.

Elaborate on your type of angling, your angling style.

My type of angling is concentrated on canals and the river Maas. I am no angler with special tactics, I like to keep it simple. My belief is a good combination of tactics, excellent bait, strong end tackle and a well sought out angling spot will always result in bagging the biggest carp.

In my younger years I have spent many hours angling. I still spend a lot of time carp fishing, but my focus has shifted to an even better preparation by researching the weather, wind, air pressure, location, etc. before heading to the waterside.

What is the most memorable angling moment thus far?
My most memorable moment was a session at the river Maas. After losing two 50-pound carp in the same week I went totally crazy. After this experience I didn’t fish for a week but I did keep feeding them. I created an elevator system during that week to fish at big large walls and for full safety over the fish. Of course I lost that system as well within a week. Just my luck. After these events I surprisingly still found the courage to go back to the water in search of my elevator system. In the end, during that angling session I managed to catch a 50+ lbs mirror, a 40+ lbs common, 3 30 lbs carp and a magnificent golden 30+ lbs koi. I’ll never forget that experience! ????

I’ve known Nick and Niels since a longer period of time. Especially Nick. I’ve seen him grown up at the lake side. He’s always been inventive and in search of good end tackle material. He shared his knowledge of good quality material with me so I have been angling with his recommended material for years. Nick and Niels’s knowledge and experience combined is the recipe for an excellent quality brand. That’s why it’s truly my honor to be part of NTEC.

Which quote suits you best?
“Zje lef mer eine keer” (you only live once)

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