Terms and Conditions

Table of contents:

Article 1: General
Article 2: Definitions
Article 3: Identity of the entrepreneur
Article 4: Prices
Article 5: Orders
Article 6: Offers and deliveries
Article 7: Payments
Article 8: Complaints
Article 9: Warranty
Article 10: Transfer and risks
Article 11: Privacy
Article 12: Responsibility
Article 13: Intellectual ownership
Article 14: Confidentiality
Article 15: Various conditions

Article 1: General

Every customer is expected to acknowledge, accept and comply with our general sales and payment terms and conditions at registration or ordering on the webshop www.nteccarp.com. These conditions are applicable for all transactions completed by the webshop of Ntec Carp Tackle, unless agreed differently in advance by written means.

Ntec Carp Tackle has the right to change these conditions unilateral. The publication on the webshop is the only acknowledgement. All orders from the webshop placed after this amendment will follow the current conditions.

Article 2: Definitions

  1. Client: every person natural or legal, with legal capacity and older than 18 y., who places an order on the webshop of Nteccarp.com in his status of entrepreneur.
  2. Entrepreneur: natural or legal person aspiring an economic purpose in a sustainable way, offering products or services.

 Article 3: Identity of the entrepreneur

Ntec Carp Tackle
Ambachtsstraat 2
Tel. +31 74 80 00 364
BTW NL 001222025B96  

Bank: ING     
IBAN= NL 58 INGB 0006 5605 41       
Swift – INGBNL2A

Article 4: Prices

All prices are in euro and valid within the EU-countries. All published prices are with VAT, taxes and charges. Transport costs aren’t included in the published prices. If there are shipping or delivery costs, it will be shown on your screen before finishing your order. For shipping costs see www.nteccarp.com/returns

There will be no charges added for payments by credit card, bank card or bank transfer.

Ntec Carp Tackle is not responsible for any errors in the webshop deals and offers. This, however, gives the client the right to cancel his order within a delay of 48 hours or to deliver his order at the right price.

For deliveries in foreign countries, the local recycling charges have to be declared by the receiver.

Ntec Carp Tackle has the right to change his prices unilateral. The ordered products will be invoiced at the current prices of the order registration.

Article 5: Order

The webshop orders will be accepted under restriction and will be definitive after written confirmation by Ntec Carp Tackle. The information given by the client is binding. Ntec Carp Tackle isn’t responsible for wrong fully given addresses or contact information causing a delayed delivery.

An order will be accepted finally after the client has payed the total amount including applicable shipping costs or meets the concerted payment conditions.

Ntec Carp Tackle has the right to refuse or cancel any order if there are payment troubles concerning the order or dissensions concerning outstanding payments.

Every deal or offer is valid as long as it is stocked. Ntec Carp Tackle uses images with a truthful reproduction of the product. The information on the webshop is pure informative. Despite our strict control, it is possible that some errors may occur on the webshop, if so, Ntec Carp Tackle will only be bound by the obligation of means.

If material or type errors appear, the client has the right to cancel or change the order within 48 h. after delivery.

Ntec Carp Tackle has the right to refuse orders, adapt delivery terms or other delivery stipulations without giving a reason.

Deliveries will be executed after payment within 3 days from The Netherlands.

The client or his delegate should inspect the shipment immediately after receiving it and report every complaint within 48 hours by mail to info@nteccarp.com

Article 7: Payment

Our invoices are payable on the account 
ING Bank– IBAN NL 58 INGB 0006 5605 41 Bic/Swift INGBNL2A

Non-payment of an invoice after expiry date implicates immediate demand ability of any invoices and cancellation of any orders in progress.

Every unpaid invoice from the expiry date onwards activates conventional due interest rates at 10 % per annum with a minimum of 200 EUR and a maximum of 2500 EUR.

Article 8: Complaints

After receiving his order, the client has to control and inspect the goods. This article is only applicable if there has been detected any non conformity. Every complaint has to be sent by mail within 48 hours after delivery. If this deadline has been expired, the client shall be deemed to accept the shipment. Every complaint will be answered within 5 days with a message of confirmation and an indication of the solution or the solution. If the complaint is true, Ntec Carp Tackle will replace or repair the goods without any freight.

Article 9: Warranty

Only the warranty of the factory will be applied. Ntec Carp Tackle doesn’t offer additional warranties.
The Client has to send the goods at his charge to Ntec Warehouse  Ambachtstraat 2  7622 AP Borne (O) The Netherlands for replacement or repair. Ntec Carp Tackle takes charge of the shipment cost of the replacement itself.

Article 10: Transfer and risks

The ownership of the products passes to the Client the moment they are payed. The risk passes to the Client the moment Ntec Carp Tackle accepts the order conform article 5. The goods will be sent and delivered at the risk of the Client. If the payment stays outstanding (even partial) Ntec Carp Tackle has the right to take back the goods, where they are located. If the goods are lost after the risk has been passed to the Client, the Client still dues the price.

Article 11: Privacy

Ntec Carp Tackle respects the privacy of his users and will take care treating all personal information confidentiality.  Please check the privacy policy on the website of Ntec Carp Tackle.

Article  12: Responsibility

Ntec Holding isn’t responsible for any imperfection or changes in the products by the manufacture, even if the purpose of the product doesn’t meet the needs of the Client.

Ntec Carp Tackleisn’t responsible for the reliability or accuracy of the information, services, support or advice offered on the webshop. The responsibility of Ntec Holding is limited to the amount of the order.

Ntec Carp Tackle isn’t responsible for any interruption or disabling of the website. If so, Ntec Carp Tackle will act to take all measures to execute the orders as good as possible. For damages, the Client will contact his insurance for cash back of the damage.

If the damage is covered by the Ntec Carp Tackle company’s liability insurance, the compensation will never be higher than the amount payed back by the insurance.

Article 13: Intellectual ownership

The content, photos, films, images, data, drawings, e-shop, software, knowhow, trade names, logos and domain names of Ntec carp fishing tackle are protected by the intellectual ownership and belong to Ntec Carp Tackle and thirds.

It is forbidden for the Client to save, reproduce, change, sell or publish the information of the website under penalty of compensation. With the exception of saving data out of necessity to watch the website.

In case of breach of this article by the Client, Ntec Carp Tackle is entitled to ask a compensation up to 25.000 euro for each violation.

Article 14: Confidentiality

The Client commits not to publish or announce any confidential information concerning Ntec Carp Tackle and the company aspects. In case of breach of this article by the Client, Ntec Carp Tackle is entitled to ask a compensation up to 25000 euro  for each violation.

Article 15: Various conditions

The Dutch law is applicable. In the event of disputes, cases will be brought only to courts  in the jurisdiction of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).