Safety and Cookies

Confidence disclosure

Openes and fair disclosure to show visitors Ntec Carp you may read here what data we use from you, what we save and what we need for this data. Nearly 100% of all websites use these things, we just want to show you where to get used to our website.

Sales data

Ntec Carp Tackle keep your private information private and never sold to a third party.

Ntec Carp Tackle is as safe as possible with your information. To provide clarity we need your data for the following;

Storage for your convenience on your next order (do this yourself with a password chosen by you, (which we can not see)
a secure connection so that it is not to look down and or listening.
Your email address is used to orders down to complete, if your have opted to receive offers or do you registered for the newsletter, your data will also be used here.
But you can unsubscribe instantly and at any time.
your payment information is used once to perfect order and then saved.
Your address we need for shipping.

Cookie usage
If you use shopping cart is once used also-called cookie. They use all the web shops to complete as your order. If you leave our website then disappeared this cookie again.
For example, our visitors counter this website uses cookies.

Here it we can not see whether the following:
We can not see who visits our website.
We can not see your name or who you are.
We may see how you came to For example through another website or via Google.
We may see which pages are visited visitors on our website.
We may see how long visitors stay on the site.

What are these cookies
Cookies are very small text files and used by every website on the Internet. Also here you do not need to re enter to all data and operates the shopping cart to complete your order.
We also use cookies to understand by the visitor behavior to optimize our shop.

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