Combi Rig Package

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Self made Combi Rig Package
The Combi rig and the Screamer Rig are the best of all rigs with the combination of Kratos line – and the Poseidon line. The small piece of line at the hook makes it an extremely good spinning hooklink. A must have for every carp angler. The Anti Snag hook from Ntec goes without saying!


  • 10 Ntec Anti Snag hook size 4 or 6
  • 1 roll Ntec Kratos uncoated braid 25 Lbs
  • 1 Ntec Poseidon 100 mtr. Shock Leader 0.50mm – 40Lb
  • 1 Ntec Line Aliners
  • 1 Ntec Rig Ring 3.1 mm