Hooks by Ntec

Ntec inverted  “T-Shape Cutting Point”  Teflon Hooks

These teflon hooks are designed for NTEC developed with a special Cutting Point. The point of this hook has an inverted “T” shape. In addition, a particularly smooth polished coating. This Teflon coating reduces the resistance when hooked extremely, but is also much more durable and more abrasion resistant than a sharpened hook point! As a result, you have fewer misses and / or “Lost Fish”.

Try them and be surprised


Designed around the sides of an inverted ‘T’ type hook point, this shape significantly increases penetration performance. The inverted ‘T’ groove allows the hook to enter the mouth smoothly and increases the hook penetration speed. This special point not only reduces resistance when puncturing, but also increases the abrasion and folding resistance of the hook point.

Note! It is better NOT to sharpen these hooks! – Regrinding damages the super smooth Teflon coating and actually causes a grainy (rough) hook – which can rub in the mouth of your fish and then cause the so-called “loosens”!