Do it yourself packages

We get a lot of questions about complete packages, based on the assemblies of our hooklink guru Ton Hogenkamp. With more than 30 years of experience in knotting (special) underlines, Ton is an asset to Ntec! He is always fanatically working on improving and / or adjusting his own and internationally known underlines. Because the demand for his underlines became so great that he can no longer cope with it, he will focus this coming season on making DIY videos via his Facebook page and – after Corona – in giving (national) workshops. We will keep you informed and when they are ready the videos will of course also be online.
For the anglers who would like to join him during such a demo movie, we have already put together the necessary material from some of Ton’s most famous lines in a number of Rig Packages. Material you need to tie the way of The Dude!
And… a special package price also applies