Heavy Duty Lead Clip



  • Metal Girdle
  • Heavy Duty
  • Rough Conditions
  • Fish friendly


  • Colors: brown, weed and sand
  • Quantity: 10
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This lead clip differs from any other clip because of the black metal girdle that functions as a clip. The extra strength of this clip makes sure that this product is suited for rough fishing conditions, where heavy leads are to be used. The clip has been developed in a way the fish can easily remove itself from the lead in the event of mainline breakage.

NTEC Prod code EAN13 code NTEC Prod name
NTEC/TT0061 5404010000619 Heavy Duty Lead Clip – Brown
NTEC/TT0062 5404010000626 Heavy Duty Lead Clip – Weed
NTEC/TT0063 5404010000633 Heavy Duty Lead Clip – Sand