Silicone Tube



  • Makes your hair sit perfectly
  • Prevents tangling


  • Colors: matt green and brown
  • Sizes: 0,6mm/1,6mm and 0,8mm/1,8mm
  • Quantity: 1m


The NTEC Silicone Tube is perfectly suited for aligning your bait in the desired position. This product ensures your hair sits perfectly and prevents tangles.
Available in colors green and brown.

NTEC Prod code EAN13 code NTEC Prod name
NTEC/TT0151 5404010001517 Silicone Tube 0,6mm/1,6mm – 1m – Matt green
NTEC/TT0152 5404010001524 Silicone Tube 0,6mm/1,6mm – 1m – Brown
NTEC/TT0185 5404010001852 Silicone Tube 0,8mm/1,8mm – 1m – Matt green
NTEC/TT0186 5404010001869 Silicone Tube 0,8mm/1,8mm – 1m – Brown