Pop-up Corn Imitation Bait



  • Hair stop recess
  • Pre-drilled
  • Floating Corn


  • Colors: Yellow – Orange – Red – Pink – White
  • Quantity: 10


The pop-up corn has been designed to tip boilie rigs in order to balance the weight of the hook to mislead cautious carps. Furthermore, this corn will make your presentation more visually attractive. Each corn has a hair stop recess on one side. This corn is available in yellow, orange, red, pink and white.

NTEC Prod code EAN13 code NTEC Prod name
NTEC/IB0057 5404010000572 Pop-up Corn – Yellow
NTEC/IB0058 5404010000589 Pop-up Corn – Orange
NTEC/IB0174 5404010001746 Pop-up Corn – Red
NTEC/IB0059 5404010000596 Pop-up Corn – Pink
NTEC/IB0060 5404010000602 Pop-up Corn – White