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New Developed

T-Anti Snag

The T-Anti Snag hook is developed with a Special Cutting Point. The Cutting Point has a inverted “T” shape, which greatly increases the penetration.

The Special Cutting point will not only reduce resistance when penetrating but also increase the abrasive resistance of the hook point.

The hook is also developed with a bigger eye and a thicker shank, so is perfect in the most rough conditions.

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Get Hooked on these newly developed NTEC hooks

NTEC is a dynamic company that finds its roots in Belgium.
They are specialized in High Quality End-Tackle Products for Carp Fishing.
Since NTEC is driven by quality, continuous improvement is their most important objective.

Ultra High Quality  Hooklink

A Fast Sinking braid that is engineered to sink fast and stay on the bottom of the lake. The braid is soft, smooth and strong.  This product is produced with special abrasion resistant fibers. The combination of fast sinking, toughness and suppleness makes
this product suitable for even the most extreme situations.

Like all the NTEC hooklinks this braid is finished with a  special teflon coating. The coating makes sure that the hooklink has an optimal resistance against fraying!

This braid is available in 20, 30 and 45 Ibs

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